The satellite conference on Complex Systems: Quantum information and computation, is a one-day event, part of the CCS2022, conference on Complex Systems (Mallorca, 17-22 October 2022).

The satellite event will be in person.

The satellite is scheduled on Wednesday, October 19.

Complex systems have been the focus of different areas of quantum physics in recent years, even though these are generally disjoint. Professional events across these communities have mostly been independent with rare overlaps. Hence, being able to establish an inter- and multi-disciplinary dialog in topics like complex networks, big data, artificial intelligence, information science, and emergent phenomena can be extremely fruitful. The field of complex quantum systems is very broad, dealing with emergence, phase transitions and out-of equilibrium phenomena; with methods from quantum many-body, open systems, thermodynamics and statistical physics. Experimentally these research areas encompass soft condensed matter, solid state and AMO physical systems. Key applications range from quantum internet, networked near-term intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) computing, information engines and nano-thermodynamics, and environment-enhanced quantum transport in biological and artificial systems for photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, artificial photosynthesis, and other devices. An event covering all these topics would need a dedicated conference.

The aim of this satellite event is instead to identify an area within complex quantum systems where a strong interaction and dialog among participants is expected, addressing timely topics of complex quantum systems more deeply related to quantum information and computation, with quantum complex networks involved in both fields.

The main topics will include:
-- Quantum information in complex networks: dynamics, quantum correlations, complex phenomena, experimental implementations, biological complexes, quantum internet, ....
-- Quantum computation for complex systems: Quantum machine learning, quantum algorithms, quantum artificial intelligence and other special-purpose computations with applications to complex phenomena in large networks and big data science.
-- Quantum computation with complex systems: Using complex systems as a quantum-computing substrate, e.g., Ising machines built with analog many-body quantum systems, quantum reservoir computing, quantum computing with cluster states, quantum simulations, quantum random walks, and boson sampling.


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